What 4 Qualities differentiate a Good Injury Lawyer from a Great One?

What 4 Qualities differentiate a Good Injury Lawyer from a Great One?

While a good, capable personal injury lawyer in Toronto is not that difficult to find, the same doesn’t hold true if you are looking for a great one to represent you. Good lawyers are very knowledgeable of personal injury law, have experience at the negotiating table, and implement specific systems that ensure they will not miss any deadlines. On the other hand, finding great personal injury lawyers is much more difficult. The difference is the following 4 qualities that separate the great ones from the good ones.

Communication Skills

The primary complaint of personal injury clients is that their lawyer doesn’t listen to them or ignores them altogether. Conversely, a great personal injury lawyer in Toronto communicates with the clients throughout every stage of the legal process. They answer e-mails and return phone calls as quickly as possible. While the average or good personal injury lawyer may feel that they are representing their clients to the best of their abilities, the client gets frustrated if they are unaware of what is transpiring with their particular case.

Compassionate and Empathetic

Compassion and empathy are the key traits that separate great personal injury lawyers from average or good ones. While good lawyers typically care more about the outcome of the case, great lawyers care about and are concerned about the clients they represent. Since they are empathetic, they understand the level of pain and suffering that their clients are experiencing. Consequently, they are excellent communicators as well and are skilled at communicating their client’s pain and suffering to the insurance companies and the trial juries.


While a good personal injury lawyer is usually prepared to take any case to trial, great lawyers never hesitate yet they also know when settling out of court is the best course of action to pursue. This is because a fair and equitable settlement is preferred over leaving the client’s fate in the hands of complete strangers that have been selected as jurors. Additionally, a great personal injury lawyer in Toronto carefully evaluates every case and knows when to advise their client about accepting or rejecting the final settlement proposed by an insurance company.

Risk Takers

When it comes to taking risks, great personal injury lawyer teams in Toronto know when to do so provide the defendant was negligent and clearly at fault while at the same time, the client’s injuries are significant. If there is any doubt about establishing fault or responsibility for the injuries a person experienced, the lawyer may be less willing to represent a client. Therefore, if the facts presented in the case or the law itself will not benefit their client they may refuse to represent them. However, if they believe the client’s injuries were caused by the other party’s negligence, they will aggressively litigate for the client in court or at the negotiating table.

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