Some Cases Commonly Handled by Personal injury Lawyers

Some Cases Commonly Handled by Personal injury Lawyers

Though personal injury being a wide discipline involves a variety of cases, there are some more common than the others. Lawyers admit to get more of some cases than others. For example a wrongful death case is rarer in comparison to slip-trip and fall. So, here is a compilation of all the cases that are most often handled by Toronto personal injury lawyers. These are also the cases that meet a positive verdict in their hands than the others.

Road Accidents: Parties involved in road accidents who have been victimized by inept or erratic drivers usually raise a claim. Aside motorists, pedestrians physically harmed by an oncoming vehicle due to no fault of their own also make a fair section of the claimants’ population.

Work Accidents: Another section which comes up too frequently to the top of common personal injury cases is work accidents. Slip, trip and fall accidents may be one of the common ones, but there are others too like equipment failure, lack of safety precautions and exposure to hazardous environments that are contesting for the top position among the cases fought.

Medical injuries: Injuries sustained during a medical treatment or surgery that could have been avoided have made headlines in newspapers for long. Some are caused by the negligence of doctors, while others are the outcome of inexperienced or poorly trained members of the staff. Sometimes, such negligence results in severe injuries that require extraneous courses of treatment to heal.

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