Types of Cases Represented by a Personal Injury Attorney

Types of Cases Represented by a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury is an umbrella term for all cases that come under the text book variety of hurt due to another person’s negligence. A great number of classes fit under personal injury. The names of the sections with a few examples may help you understand the nature of cases handled by a Toronto personal injury attorney. Beyond this, you may contact a lawyer in person to ask if your specific case suits their expertise or experience. Here are the sections of law that come under personal injury

Medical Negligence: Medical negligence is a wide genre and it involves everything from anesthetic overdose to surgical equipment failure. Any injury or deterioration of medical condition caused or triggered by the inefficiency or carelessness of a hospital staff is a case of medical negligence.

Work-Place Accidents: Workplace injuries are more common than you may hear of. Slip, trip and fall is commonly heard workplace accident caused by wet floors and untucked cables. Depending on the workplace, the accident may vary from a minor bruise to fatal injuries.

Defective Product: Defective products have caused more physical harm to patients than animal bites and such accidents. A defective product includes a malfunctioning mousetrap to a contaminated beverage. Claims can be filed for all, as long as it is applied as purposed.

Road Accidents: Motor accidents caused by a negligent driver or a pedestrian are cases that come under personal injury. The causing party is responsible to recompense the victim with due redressal.

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