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Don’t pay unless we win! 1-844-HELP(4357)-911

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Don’t pay unless we win! 1-844-HELP(4357)-911

Client Testimonials

  • Julie L. I got hit by a driver turning left when I had a walk signal. Luckily he was braking by the time we made impact but I still broke a leg and some ribs and was concussed. Barapp was the second firm I tried and I went with them on the “don't pay unless we win promise." They were true to their word. We won the case and the compensation covered everything I could ask for in terms of rehabilitation.
  • N. ROJO This is a very professional and credible law firm. I knew the state of the driveway was our neighbour's negligence but it felt like one person's word against another and I wasn't sure how it would play out. With a lot of help from Eric and some photographic evidence we'd had enough foresight to compile, things turned out as well as I could've hoped. These people are definitely worth a call.
  • PETER FINCH This is my second time working with your company, both of which gave me the results I was looking for. You never fail to give your clients the best attention and your work ethic tops any firm I've seen -- no doubt because the don't win don't pay policy is actually a great motivator for all involved. Thank you for providing consistent satisfaction.
  • C. CAJON Really pleased with how this worked out. Great people and great attorneys. One time we had an issue missed paperwork but that's a small annoyance besides a winning process.
  • JULIE LAU I got hit by a driver turning left when I had a walk signal. Luckily he was braking by the time we made impact but I still broke a leg and some ribs and was concussed. Barapp was the second firm I tried and I went with them on the "don't pay unless we win promise." They were true to their word. We won the case and the compensation covered everything I could ask for in terms of rehabilitation.
  • R. DONNELLY A neck injury can linger for life and I knew my daughter was entitled to pain and suffering compensation after her car accident. The opposing insurance company tried to argue that the injury might be permanent but that it wasn't serious which struck me as an oxymoron. Thankfully Barapp and the judge agreed and we won the case. Thank you Barapp Law for helping us. I would recommend your services to anyone facing
  • TARYN HARR Eric was great in helping me with the car accident case. Always easy to contact, he's also got a fine analytic mind and explained procedures and likely outcomes in a way I could grasp. Once the fees were settled I found things fair and though I never want to go through something like this again I would use Barapp Law's services if I needed to.
  • FRED MURPHY I am senior and was dining alone when the accident happened. I walked up to use the restroom and did not notice the floor was wet because there was not a single wet floor sign in sight. I broke a wrist in the fall and remain thankful to this day that it wasn't my hip. I phoned Barapp Law on the advice of an in-law who said they were no nonsense. It was clear the owner of the restaurant did not take proper precautions and in the end we got a settlement without requiring a judge. Good luck doing that without a smart lawyer at your side.
  • JAY PARK A truck crash on the highway gave my wife whiplash, a dislocated collarbone, and scarring from glass. We actually wound up with Barapp through an internet search, one of about six we tried calling. We were impressed with the comprehensiveness and also that no payment is required unless the case is won. The lawyers at Barapp Law worked hard to obtain the top cash settlement covering all of lost wages, medical care issues, and pain and suffering.
  • Hitesh Patel I would like to thank everyone at Barapp Law Firm for the professional way my wife's car accident claim was handled. You were honest, attentive and compassionate which made us feel like you genuinely cared about our situation. Our settlement was substantially larger than anything we could have hoped for. You earned our trust and confidence. Thank you.
  • Diane Wasserman When I was attacked by a dog while playing with my child at the park I was in fear for our lives. In the time until passersby were able to subdue the dog, I received extensive injuries to my arms, neck, and face while protecting my child. My injuries required several complex surgeries as well as counselling to help deal with the resulting psychological trauma. A family member recommended Barapp Law Firm and I am glad they did. Eric Barapp's team of lawyers were able to identify the owner of the dog and through further investigation found out that the owner has been in trouble before for letting their dog roam off leash where it is prohibited. The staff at Barapp Law Firm assisted me every step of the way and were there whenever I needed them. Thank you.
  • Jared Kropka Barapp Law Firm truly made a difference in my life. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left me with catastrophic injuries when a drunk driver ran a red light. I could no longer run my business or take care of my child. Being a single father, these circumstances were devastating and I felt like my life was over. The legal team at Barapp Law Firm took care of everything, from ensuring that I received all my benefits and medical treatment to securing a seven figure settlement which provided peace of mind as I rebuilt my life. I would like to thank Eric Barapp and his team for helping me put my life back together.
  • Derek Chan On my way to work, the bus that I was traveling in got into an accident, which sent me flying and caused me to break my leg. I contacted several lawyers before deciding to hire Eric Barapp because of the vast amount of experience that his staff have when dealing with these types of claims. I was treated with respect, honesty and professionalism and was awarded a substantial amount of damages by the court. I would recommend Barapp Law Firm to anyone that is looking for an experienced, professional and honest personal injury law firm to fight for their rights.
  • Lisa and Michael Brodie My husband had a slip and fall accident while at the mall with our son. The fracture that he sustained as a result required two surgeries and we were terrified because we didn’t know what to do. My sister recommended that we contact Barapp Law Firm and after speaking to Eric, we got the peace of mind knowing that we were in good hands. Everyone on Eric’s team was great and treated us with honesty and compassion. We received a generous settlement and have since recommended Barapp Law Firm to several of our friends and relatives.
  • Charlene Wilson After I was involved in a car accident, my insurance company flat out refused to cover my medical bills and lost wages. After speaking with several personal injury lawyers, I chose Barapp Law to handle my case and I am confident that I made the right decision. As soon as Eric's team took on my case, the insurance company completely changed the way they were treating me. My treatment was paid for and I started receiving my income replacement benefits. I would recommend anyone injured in a car accident to call Eric Barapp and his team, they really made a difference.
  • Joanna Katz My son was hit by an uninsured driver while riding his bicycle home from school. When I got that phone call, my world stopped and the worst part was that I had no idea what to do next. My husband got in contact with Eric Barapp and we were able to have someone see us at the hospital the very same day. Fortunately, my son was wearing his helmet and his injuries weren’t as bad as they could have been. Eric’s legal team took care of everything from start to finish and was able to successfully file a claim with the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund and recover a substantial settlement for us. We are really grateful to Eric and his team and have since recommended him to our relatives